Well, this is the second post. It’s only been six months or so since the last one… pretty good by most blogging standards.

Being “enforced break time” (Christmas/New Years) I’m trying to get a few things updated. This site and various others along with trying to start (yet another) site.

I’ve also got a new twitter handle @jonathanwlang

My old handle (@infinite) was cooler, and it was in the first million twitter accounts (I think I was 800 and something thousandth), but apparently there is a K-Pop band named “infinite” which means I get hundreds of Korean teenagers mentioning “me” in a language I can’t read. It makes it rather difficult to filter real mentions. Also, my dance moves aren’t as good as theirs:

I’ll still keep the account (fingers crossed the boy band won’t last), but I won’t use it as much as I transition to the new account.

Here is another picture of them.

Infinite K-Pop

Not much else to report. Hopefully I’ll post again within the next 6 months.