Jonathan Lang Photography

Jonathan Lang Photography is my main focus these days. I shoot for a variety of clients across Melbourne focussing on weddings and portraits. This site showcases my work.

The Purple Fringe

The Purple Fringe is a podcast I have recently started with Chris Mylrea. The show discusses the high-end of low-end digital media production.

Mild Green Help Liquid

Mild Green Help Liquid is a blog containing little projects and experiments. Basically it’s my “other” space to post things that are of little interested to anyone except myself.

Artisanal Digital

Artisanal Digital is a site I started some time ago to host free stock footage. It’s something I’ve neglected a little lately, however I intend to release a lot more in 2016.

Straight to the

This site is a place to put the various tutorials and how-to guides I create. It needs a little more love, but I’ll hopefully have more time to spend on it in 2016.